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The United States women's 30 years in 700 cats Figure

The United States of California "cat lady" Liniya Ratanzo 30 years to adopt stray cats 700.The high cost of cats, 700 cats every medical costs and cat food will spend $5700.In new network on 23 September, according to foreign media reports 22 days,Louboutin Shoes, adopt stray cats and dogs love to count the numbers,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but in California, the United States Liniya • Ratanzo love and makes it difficult to approach somebody's greatness.
Ratanzo from the beginning of 1981 in a stray cat, 30 years,louboutin pas cher, resident in her cat as many as 700, for which she specially for cats who established "cat", sleep with the cat to eat the same light, every cat food and medical costs to cost US $5700 (RMB 36000), therefore, she was known locally as "crazy cat".
Ratanzo said some of the cat is sent by the original owner,christian louboutin shoes, sometimes, the local people found abandoned kitten will also send."I'm here without the cage,Christian Louboutin Outlet, there are no pets' euthanasia'.I do not because of crazy to do that.
I could be like 'get into'."Ratanzo said the reason why take a stray cat is because the childhood mother forbids her to raise a cat's sake."I'm sure, in the world also has a lot of people like me.I just don't know it.
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The United States pregnant disease brain death 42 days 25 weeks

Christina Bolton's photos.Christina, Bolton's boyfriend.-- > report from our correspondent at the age of 26, the United States of America Michigan woman Christina Boulton, in March 6th this year with family members of a sudden illness, in the hospital the doctor declared brain dead.
But in the brain death after 42 days on April 17th, 25 weeks pregnant Christina via cesarean section, at the local hospital has given birth to twins, the family said "it's a miracle".At present, the twin situation is not very stable, is in the hospital, newborn baby care room care.
Text: Xing Lei Christina, Bolton has always had a healthy and happy,christian louboutin, and her boyfriend had 3 children.At the end of last year, she was pregnant again, and are twins, but the sudden illness took her life.
In March 6th, Christina and her boyfriend with her 3 year old son walk suddenly fell to the ground, then don't stand up.Aneurysm hospital inspection results show, Christina the occurrence of aneurysmal lesions, the doctor then announced her brain death.
The doctor says, Christina is born with two aneurysms, in pregnancy caused by aneurysmal changes, culminating in the March outbreak.But Christina's family refused to accept this reality, think she didn't the doctor said that the worst.
Considering that Christina in the belly of a twin, family and did not give up, and asked the doctor for her life support device installation, expect her to wake up.Aunt Daniela said, "we often touch her belly, and with the baby".
Bed, but Christina continued to decline, the blood pressure level is also rising, the stomach in children pose a threat to.Decision of cesarean section and eventually, in April 17th, the family made a difficult decision: to preserve the twins.
Aunt Daniela said with tears: "really hard......These days have been very hard, very hard."At the family's request, Christina was a doctor in cesarean section, without anesthesia, hope the huge pain to wake up the sleeping Christina,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but in the end it never happened.
Fortunately, by cesarean section at 25 weeks of pregnancy,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, Christina, gave birth to twin boys.Pregnant women with an intact during pregnancy is about 40 weeks, the medicine that 24 weeks of fetal survival may be the earliest deadline.
The baby is only 15 cm in length by cesarean section, two small life came to earth, were named Alexander and Nicholas.Two children were born and is only 15.2 cm, a child weighing 700 grams, another child weight 600 grams.
Aunt Daniela said: "Christina is a person to support 3 personal life, persist to the last moment of life, to ensure her stomach inside the safety of the children.After the birth of two children, her life is over,louboutin, but it is not a miracle.
"Christina had friends and colleagues said, will work together to support the family, when needed to provide any help do everything in one's power.At present,Louboutin Shoes, the twins are neonatal ICU receive care, the hospital said it would fully, the twins, as soon as possible to make them out of danger.
Due to medical expenses, Christina's family has also set up a bank account, I hope someone can donate money to help the family.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog
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Residents moving found when the Republic of China deposit money

1934's book Xianyang residents moving found when the Republic of China money can remove or doubtful when moving to sort things out, but accidentally from the drawer a folded newspaper, open look, there is a red book.
The Lv Zhigang family feels very strange, open look, the passbook is 1934, now with 13985 yuan of money.Deposit up to a maximum of 14 more than yesterday morning 10 when make, is located in the city of Xianyang District of Xianyang system thread factory family hospital, Zong Jianling took home the passbook, is that her husband Lv Zhigang's grandfather in 1934.
The passbook is red,christian louboutin, written on the back: Xianyang factory workers the Department of savings deposits.A total of 16 pages, numbered 333, the date of opening was December 19, 1934, bankbook account name is called Lv Xuebin, it was Lv Zhigang's name.
In this book, also with a one inch photos, photos wearing black clothes, hair is the Qing Dynasty men with hair.After more than half a century, photos have become a little yellow, but the characters are still clearly visible.
Lv Zhigang said, "listen to the father said, this is my grandfather's photo."Passbook in which first deposit amount is 19500 yuan, date is December 19, 1934, but did not indicate what is currency, after a succession of entities, in March 28, 1935 April 8th 30000 yuan deposit, deposit 20000 yuan, in May 18th August 8th 30000 yuan deposit, deposit 5 yuan, highest when in September 30th, the deposit amounting to $143900.
And at a later time, passbook money inside but is slowly reduced, from the initial October 8,Christian Louboutin Outlet, 1935, out of 10000, to December 28th from 50000, until January 29, 1936, after taking out 50000 yuan, 13985 yuan deposit remaining, then without access to the records.
When moving book about this book was found, Lv Zhigang's family have said, not moving to pack, the whole family do not know that there is such a book.Originally, before the Lv Zhigang family lived in Union Road, after because here houses, they immediately move out.
Time to move, Lv Zhigang would help his parents room, in a drawer and found this book, then the family members said nothing, let him away."He likes to collect things, think of commemorative significance, will be preserved.
"Lv Zhigang's wife Zong Jianling said, since the discovery of deposit has been in 6 years.Lv Zhigang's grandfather died, his father had only a few years old.My grandpa died, she remarried, so the family on Grandpa's memory is almost zero, just listen to the father said, grandpa is brought from Henan to Xianyang, and later in the eight cotton factory.
And now Lv Zhigang's father has been approaching seventy years of age, this book also had 77 years, so this book should was older than his father.Whether money can be taken out of said book, we do not know whether this money can be taken out,Louboutin Outlet, then the money and the money now or equivalent.
Reportedly, the early years of the Republic, the central of day bogus period and during the period of Republic of China bank, bank deposit had registered and centralized exchange.For this, the reporter contacted the ICBC to the staff of Zhu Ruiping,louboutin pas cher, he said, because the book open earlier,Louboutin Pas Cher, belong to before the founding of the, and there is also a part of the deposit, whether can continue to use, they have to search the relevant legal documents to reply.
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Aged 58 years and older cardiac rupture suture operation for doc

After theoperation ,all his body is being gradually restored .Recently, Yantai City, a 58 year old man with neat man (a pseudonym ) suffered a myocardial infarction caused cardiac rupture ,be a life-and-death matter moment ,the doctor under the magnifying glass with thinner than a human hair line ,the successful implementation of suture of the heart operation align uncle .
Usually a good body ,heart suddenly broken 58 year oldcitizen Qi man Yantai city is a grain and oil testing department a researcher ,on the body has been good ,no smoking and drinking habits .
We have been assured of his body .His Aunt Wang said ,did not think there will be a come unexpectedly hit .March 21st morning, Qi man as usual to get up, and no abnormal ,lunch later ,Qi uncle suddenly feel uncomfortable stomach ,also did not stop burping .
When going to bed in the evening ,in the face of his fears ,Qi uncle say no matter .On the 22 day morning ,stomach uncomfortable conditions accentuated .Qi man had to accompany his wife down to mount Yantai hospital .
In the Department of Cardiology ,the doctor took the examination of movie watching for a moment and said: get operation .The original inspection ,Qi man heart myocardial infarction ,hospitalized in less than an hour, Qi man who was sent into the operation room .
In order to pass open heart qi uncle has been blocked blood vessels, the doctor will small bracket through the vessel to the Qi man heart .Originally thought that .Aunt Wang recalls ,in the evening, she received the phone accompanying son-in-law .
Said the old man broken hospital !Aunt Wang about sitting on the ground .Seize 1% success rate,under magnifying glass and Qi in the admission of the first night ,health care workers has been closely monitoring the old data .
In 23 almost 1points when theold man suddenly ,a cold sweat ,blood pressure dropped to 20-30, heart rate was up to 150 times per minute .After the ECG monitor and color Doppler study ,doctors found ,Qi man heart bleeding ,louboutin pas cher,the reason caused this situation is likely to be his heart has been broken .
Qi man was quickly into the operation room ,the cardiothoracic surgery Lou Dejian director is aware of ,this is a successful probability is very small operation ,online before the relevant information ,as is the case of patient mortality is about 99% .
On the operation table, Qi man chest was opened .The doctor discovered that ,in heart and pericardium ,is already filled with approximately 400 ml of blood clots in the heart ,Qi man on one side of the membrane ,with a ca.
2 mm across ,louboutin,is constantly escaping blood .Due to a blood clot squeeze the heart is subjected to a large stress and ischemia ,Qi uncle myocardial which already fragile as a bean curd residue ,life just in a moment .
Lou doctor picked up a line, at 2.5 times magnification is as thin as hair ,carefully put together man heart wound around a layer of membrane ,measured in inches ,not a heart ,but also accurately in .
Because the heart is fragile like tofu ,it will be difficult to line out ,Lou hand moving very slowly .On the other hand ,Lou doctor with one hand continuously extruded massage of the heart to keep the beat .
In an extremely stressful situations ,Lou doctor out of the first needle ,followed by medical adhesive and hemostatic gauze affixed Qi man heart window .Half an hour later ,Qi man heart wound blood is stopped .
Survival is a miracle ,the old stable condition in these years ,the patient has little survival .The 30 day,in the mount Yantai hospital cardiothoracic surgery ,many doctors have said ,like Qi uncle this cardiac rupture ,and the operation platform safe and sound .
It is really a miracle .Dr. Lou Dejian told reporters ,Qi man is the etiology of coronary vascular infarction ,sudden onset after endovascular stent placement ,although in dredging vessels, but since before the massive vascular have bolted ,cause cardiac ischemia to shrink ,Louboutin Shoes,the large amount of blood spill, in the heart of the outer membrane formed a mouse .
,in the heart beating long ,gas mouse rupture ,life-threatening . This patient operation successfully ,a prior to stent grooming plays a foundation ,Louboutin Pas Cher,and is found in a timely manner, to give our operation time .
Lou said the doctor .The 30 day,the reporter at the mount Yantai hospital cardiothoracic surgery ward saw recovery in Qi Qi uncle uncle ,christian louboutin uk,the spirit of good, and visiting friends spoke of his take escape from death ,Qi uncle very lucky .
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A gang of thieves disguised as electrical repair team for steali

Remember the filmCrazy Stone at the beginning of the plot ?A gang of thieves posing as a moving company worker ,said of peaceful times. Under, a truck to a whole empty .On last Friday ,similar to a scene in the east of triumphal center area occurred -- a uniform ,open project recovery vehicle power repair workers ,the triumph of district court in 100 meters undergroundcable cut, stately moved away .
Yesterday, Hangzhou City Electric Power Bureau said after repeated verification :no to the district sent repair team !Wear a uniform to grab the car the group a week two things happen in triumphal road No.
68 ,Christian Louboutin USA,triumph District Court in a primary school in front of road pavement .The sidewalk every 30 meters,has a length of 2 meters ,1meters widepit ,specially used for laying underground cables .
The pit has tile coverage .Primary school security master said ,he remembered last Wednesday at nine o ,that group of people came for the first time ,drove a yellow engineering RMV ,models with ordinary pickup like ,body writing on engineering and repair electric power bureau the 95598 repairhotline .
A total of 5 individuals, a driver to wear in the car .4 people dressed in orange uniforms ,wearing a safety helmet .To stop the car ,the pit open ,modify ,got about thirty or forty minutes drive away .
Last Friday, the group again, time is 9 a.m.. I remember the 5 individuals orspecific work ,the same number of don is it right? .But the drivers are one and the same ,always sit in the car .
Farnsworth said .To master the memories ,the driver with short hair, wearing glasses ,lean ,accent sounds like a native of Hangzhou .The gang off four or five pit ,to more than 100 meters long cable cut into 4 segments ,packed away ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the pit floor tiles without cover back ,aside ,or later Electric Power Bureau sent for tile lid .
Grab the vehicle driver that the we are the South Bureau many residents saw this scene .The gang head fake although superb ,with large pincers to shear the cable act does make some residents don .
Residential Feng master hands ring into a bowl size ,they cut the cable diameter is more than 10 cm in diameter,cut from, I see them pull cable ,but could not pull out ,the cable head is tied to the car tail ,the car on the sidewalk along ,slowly cut the cable drag out ,into a circle ,on top of the car .
They cut the cable ,we use of electricity are not affected, they cut should be standby cable ,I think it can cut, ask the driver .Feng said that the master .Master Feng stepped forward ,said :where are you ?Driver: we are the South bureau .
Why must cut the cable ?The master asked feng . You want to change for a .The driver said .Von Baker continued to ask ,the property you know not ?Drivers do not speak .Von master left the one ,called the Hangzhou City Electric Power Bureau ,louboutin,the other side says :not the residential repair record ,however ,still have to check !The Power Supply Bureau Chengnan verify: never sent repair team yesterday ,when accepting a reporter to interview,christian louboutin uk, Power Supply Bureau Chengnan production technology Han Ning said ,they pass over and over again to verify ,not in the region last week sent repair team .
We the South Bureau four or five case repair team ,are not in this time and place a task .So there may be someone masquerading as electrical repair team to steal the cable .Han Ning says .
Analysis: 500 yuan / mcable or stolen to sell Han Ning said ,the stolen cable should be high copper core cable ,christian louboutin,for the District line transmission . The area surrounding the electricity is not affected ,and we also found no power system blackout and other abnormal conditions, so be taken should be without power cable scrap .
Han Ning said ,the gang about the situation so familiar, there may be here before construction .Han Ning said ,cable price 500 yuan / meters ,100 meterswords value 50000 multivariate.Now the price of copper is very high, estimated that they sell them .
? remindsimilar cases found call 95598 or alarm in general we formal staff will wear the work permit ,if after residents found similar case, suggested calling us immediately 95598hotlineconfirmation or alarm in time .
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